All I want to hear about is the having of some fun
It isn’t so hard kids to leave the party
If you’re the only one there
Leave the old keyboard, dust off the old party shoes and have some FUN
A wise man once told me
That I should find him a wise woman
I thought that was pretty wise
I know for a fact that fun is still there to be had
I slept with her last night
I’m talking about fun
I’m talking about love
I’m talking about love between friends
I’m talking about the feeling you get when you’ve been sitting down for too long


This is the end of indolence
This is the end of innocence
This is the end of your life as you know it
How long do you want to stay dead?
What is stopping you from achieving all your dreams?
What is stopping you from cleaning out all the dust in your life?
Pain can be fun in small doses
But nobody likes a one-sided story
Even when it's told six thousand ways
Get out
Get out and get off on one another
What else are we here for?
What else do we need?
Why else would you post something here?
A wise man once told me
To go find some other wise man
He was going out to get drunk
And it was the wisest thing he ever told me
Have you heard?
Have you heard we're all slaves if we want to be?
Have some fun
I'll be there to see you