Hello everyone,

My name is Zach Borden, and I'm sixteen years old. I recently published a book entitled "Alter The Stars - The World Of Possibility." This is my first book, and I'm pretty excited about it. Writing has always been a giant passion of mine, and I'm glad that people can now check out my biggest work yet, hoping that they will enjoy it (the book is 580 pages long... and the first part of a two part saga).

Please don't get me wrong. This is not an advertisment to hype my book up or anything. I think some of you may be interested in reading it and would get something out of it, that's why I'm talking about it. I'm a teenager, and I think I've written something that teens can really relate to, as well as anyone else. My book has a number of themes and symbolisms throughout, and I honestly think that ANY person, be it young or old, can pick out AT LEAST one and identify with it.

"Alter The Stars" takes place over the course of four years, and the first book takes place over the first two (our main protagonist's freshman and sophomore years of high school). It's about a shy teenager named James Eversole who moves to a quiet suburban town with his dog and divorced mother. James has a negative outlook on the situation and parts of life itself (which is revealed toward the end of the book in a twisty piece of information). But that changes when James starts high school in his new town, and spots the beautiful Tara Mepps. Naturally, she has a boyfriend and is quite popular. James is not popular and not secure with himself. But he feels something with her, and does want to start some kind of friendship with her.

James believes in a theory called "Alter The Stars" - that the stars in the sky line up everyone's fate and destiny. However, the stars can be changed if James does something he would never do before, and when the stars change and begin to spell out his name and Tara's name, James feels it may lead to some kind of future. But alas, James must rise to a deeper, emotional quest as he starts to realize who he is and what has happened to him.

This may sound a little stereotypical to some, but I really don't sugarcoat anything and I think the characters I have created are quite realistic. EVERY character in my book has at least one insecuritiy to overcome and something to face, and while the focus is retained on James, we do learn about the other characters, who they are, what they have been through and must still go through. There's a lot to my book, believe it or not, as I feel I have a lot to say on various issues of life. I don't think there is one set theme to describe "Alter The Stars." It's a story of how innocent love can be. How in a split second lives can change forever and cause drastic effects. How we must all face our demons and overcome insecuritiy. How in sad and depressing times, a light of hope inside can keep us going. But perhaps most importantly, it's a story of what fate and destiny can bring to our lives.

If you want to read some excerpts and find out more information, I have a site up at www.alterthestars.net. There's a good deal of stuff there currently, but more is to come soon. If you're interested in purchasing it, it's available at some e-retailers like amazon.com.

Thanks for your time, I do appreciate it.