:p Boys 11-15 will like this one... is really is an all boys book... Brings out the Best In You! I thought I would give a book review of one of the better pieces of fiction about kids and growing up that I have seen in a long time. Of course not everyone learned about sex from another guy... or girl for that matter, but in this case The Ranch 1982 does give many of us fond memories and a new outlook, and hope for a better future.
<DD>Dealing with the main character Aaron and his friends, the author, Ryan Orr, gives us detailed characterizations of the entire group, and somehow manages to make us feel as if we are a part of the group. Or in my case, the main character. Unlike other fiction, everything in this book could have... or actually did happen. All this takes place as school lets out for the year, and sixteen boys take a camping trip via horseback, here is where we really see what each is made of, and how over several years a close bond and friendship develops between the boys in the group.
<DD>It doesn't matter in this case if your a preppy, a jock, or other type-cast, the book holds true for just about all groups of people, and the smaller the town you live in, the more you will see of it. But even the big cities have these groups as we are all aware of.
<DD>Aaron and his friends seem to uncover a dark secret that everyone but them must surely know about. As the secret unfolds we find more secrets - some just can not be explained away, until we actually find the truth. I rate this book +5 For fun, laughs, mystery that carries through the entire book, and something most books really leave out these days, love, friendship, hardship, and growing up.