Hey guys and girls,
First of i want to address the sites owners and administrators, if i am not aloud to post here please feel free to contact me and give me a telling off and ill happily apologise. However i feel this is a great experience for writers to show off there ability and possibly improve as well as make good friends and have fun as well.

Ok ill get to the point My Name is Nick Harris and i am the owner of a efed named ULW (United Livewire wrestling). Ok alot of you are saying...

"Wrestling, oh no, i hate that!"

But this has a bit of a twist, you see this is a internet wrestling federation where you get to create a character of your own and live there life on a daily basis. You fill in the sites application that asks for the details of your character, there look etc once this is done, you will be placed in a match - for example Stone Cold Vs The Rock or for those who dont like wrestling Lennox Lewis Vs Mike Tyson - Then throughout that week you will write 'roleplays' out describing your characters build up to there match while deciding to intract with other shadow characters or some other kind of tactic to show the readers your characters personality.
By the end of the week a panel will mark your roleplays on content, quality of writing, presentation and the better out of you and the person your placed against will be the winner and your match will be written out as if it was a show you would watch on television.

I have a roleplay to show you, and as this is a writers forum maybe you can give me some advice, who knows? Ive been efeding now for 11 years and i can promise you its a great past time and a good hobby, i have met people from all around the world and actually know some of them offline now that do efeding and i am good friends with alot of them.


thats the roleplay, it will give you an idea of what we want from people and what we can help you to achieve if thats what you want.
For those not interested in wrestling the bonus of efeding is you can make your character whatever you want, i know of a cannibal, demons, devils, angels you name it, its not strictly about wrestling, the ULW does have limits, we dont allow demons but anything thats humanly possible, cannibals etc and as i said you can possibly leave that characters life everyday if you wish.

Well ill leave the site URL for you
Feel free to have a look around.
If you have any questions or queries please contact me on;

[email protected] (I have MSN messenger)
AIM - ulwfocus
I hope to see some of you soon