I felt offended by your piece. It struck me as very naive and self righteous.
I usually try to keep an open mind throughout an entire story, but
the way you wrote struck me as an "in your face" type of style... you said at
the end of your piece that some of it was true and some of it wasn't.
I would suggest you writing what you know and considering BOTH sides
of "risky situations"-- drinking, drugs etc. I am not some huge partier
out to bash you or the things you believe in. I think it's great you've made
healthy decisions! The weird thing is that I felt judged the more I read your story, as if I were
taking some kind of test. I think strong faith is a beautiful thing. What a
gift for you to feel so spiritually secure at such a tulmultuos age! But why
are you using it to judge and put down other people? It seems to me that you
are using your beliefs to put yourself above your friends (or kids making
"bad" decisions), using their choices to illustrate how rough it's making
your life or using their choices to show how "good" you are. Why not
write about YOUR choices? If you are as strong in spirit and decision as you make yourself
seem, than you are the one who would influence your choices and lifestyle the mo
most, right? I don't see the necessity of bashing other kids, especially
when kids who choose "risky" situations usually are bound to tough
home lives or other problems, that aren't especially easy to relate too.
wow i certainly have lectured you enough. I was a lot like you when I
was 13, and it really effected a lot of people NEGATIVELY. Don't you
agree that the best way to influence people is to love and support them?
By stressing so strongly that you are RIGHT and other people are WRONG,
you will reach far less people, because people don't like being told they
are wrong, especially about touchy subjects....i really am sorry for
lecturing so much, and please don't be offended. i'm only writing
this so long because you remind me of myself a little, and i feel both obliged and
obligated. i'm sure you are a good, well meaning writer and person.
i just wanted to give you some things i've learned over the past few years.
love (please don't have hurt feelings!)